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The INFiLed S-1.8mm fine pitch UHD LED delivers Excellence in high impact color perfect detail!

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Exhibit Booth Display rental, Presentations or Presentation Theater, Virtual / XR Production Studio Stage rentals, Special Events, Digital Signage
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Remove the stress of your next event by selecting a supply vendor rental company with a long-standing reputation for Excellence!


LED TV Display monitor Rental from 32 - 98 inches. HD, 4K, 8K, Touch screen, OLED, Interactive Kiosk and other specialty monitor options available. For exhibit, presentations and special events, we have the perfect display rental for you. Call today.


From value line product rentals to premium
leading-edge audio system technologies by the most
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LED Screen Rentals USA offers cutting-edge LED video wall screen display rentals, tailored for exhibitions, presentations, and exhibit booth backdrops. Our LED screens seamlessly integrate into exhibit walls, stage setups, or hanging rigs to captivate and impress attendees with unmatched precision and impact. Unlike traditional LED displays, our customizable LED screens are equipped with advanced components for enhanced visual performance. Whether you seek value-driven performance or premium cutting-edge technology, we are committed to elevating your event within your budget. Experience the difference with LED Screen Rentals USA – contact us today for a truly immersive LED experience!


Bring your event to life with the captivating visual experience of our cutting-edge LED video wall display rentals. Whether you’re hosting a corporate function, grand opening, gala, or any special event, our state-of-the-art LED screens promise precision, impact, and unparalleled visual experiences. Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with LED Screen Rentals USA!


Need a high impact visual display system for your next event? An HD LED video screen rental delivers elegant visual inspiration with precision and color perfection. We provide only top performing high quality value line and premium LED Video Wall Display rental systems that deliver a first class visual experience every time! From simple setups to complex integration, we have the perfect solution to exceed expectations and help you make the most of your next event. Contact or call us today to discuss your next event and request your free quote.


Specializing in LED video wall screen displays requires meticulous maintenance and calibration for optimal performance. Don’t risk your event’s success with subpar rentals – choose quality over cheap deals. Avoid the disappointment others have faced by relying on our expertise since 1995. We are the go-to professionals for cutting-edge visual systems, offering top-tier HD and Ultra HD LED Wall rental products. Let us tailor an affordable LED Video Wall rental solution to ensure you always look your best.

LED Wall Rental: What matters most & how to choose…


Quality is crucial… To create an excellent visual experience that is sure to impress, you have to start with a foundation on Quality.  Not all LED products are the same. While most LED makers use a selection of components from the same supply manufacturers, there are vast differences in the levels and mixes of components that can mean everything from great to disastrous results.

An LED video wall display screen rental can often times seem confusing for what to look for. LED systems come in different resolutions and have different capabilities that need to be carefully selected to deliver high performance results you are looking for. Video Walls are highly technical systems that have different capabilities depending on what control processors and integrated components are used. Some deliver single content and others allow multiple content and layers that can deliver an amazing experience. In all cases they require quality and knowledgeable expertise to deliver great results. Over the years we have seen a lot of clientele seek us out due to some bad experience they had from other rental vendors.  Some LED is just not right for the job they are put to and look pixellated for not being the right choice for the audience distance, and some are blurry and of low quality which is a case of you get what you pay for. It seems that Quality and Performance often varies greatly among rental companies. Not all LED products are the same even at the same resolutions. We never sacrifice quality for a low price, but we do deliver top value mix with great pricing to premium high end products to always offer the perfect fitting solutions that ensure our client make the most of their event and their budget.

Watch out for the low price match and beat all price company as you often get what you pay for, and it is not worth having a disappointing experience when you need to make the most of your event and your efforts.  We found it very important to select led rental products carefully for performance, reliability, stability, versatility and with value in mind. We have outstanding factory direct relations with the top factories in the world, and as such, we get a unmatched pricing for our inventories and all with the latest advancements to ensure our clientele stand out at their events. Our products are custom built of advanced high-grade components that prove solid performers for presentation applications for delivering much higher resolutions with clarity and visual brilliance.


Fine Pitch High Resolution LED Rental

Present Extraordinary at your next event with a high impact P1 LED Wall rental that delivers top performance with precision detail and color perfection! With an advanced 1mm LED screen display rental from LED Screen Rental USA, you can deliver a stunning visual experience for your next presentation, exhibition or event with a high resolution 1mm fine pitch LED video wall display screen rental. The P1 LED video wall display screen rental is the top product for delivering immersive content. Used for presentations, exhibits and events of all kinds, this indoor high resolution product is a show stopper. It can be set freestanding on the ground, integrated in an exhibit booth structure or flown from rigging.  It is a modular system that can be customized for size and shape by adding / removing tiles to meet your needs and your budget. Contact us today to learn more about how it may be used in your next event. 

LED visual system rentals offer an intensely bright and immersive display system that can attractively deliver your content and imagery with vibrant impact and appeal. This fine pitch LED delivers precision and up close detail all with brightness and color perfection to ensure presentation or media content performs at its best.

P3 HD LED Products for Banner Signages

Outdoor LED Products

LED is the top visual display product for outdoor events. In Day light where projection will fail and even high-bright TV display monitors suffer glare, our outdoor LED products will have you looking great with bright and brillient solutoins that deliver deep rich colors and graphics excellence. Carrying some of the top performing products in the industry, please contact us for your next event.

Custom Installs * Video Production Service * On-Site Tech Service * Video Content Pre-Testing * Delivery

Custom Installs * Video Production Service * On-Site Tech Service * Video Content Pre-Testing * Delivery